Why Give?

Keeping our hospital updated with the latest and best equipment is vital for the "Best Care Close to Home"


We are always grateful to hear from our community and visitors! If you would like to share your story of your visit to our hospital please email us at


We may contact you to get your permission to use your patient story on our website, social media or written materials.

Hearing from some of our youngest visitors is always wonderful too! If your child would like to share a letter/drawing about their recent visit or a family member's visit to our hospital please email us at

info@smhfoundation.ca    or   visit us at the Foundation Office

or mail it to us at

SMHF 340 High St.

Southampton, ON N0H 2L0

I give because....

The hospital is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
The hospital helps everyone - any age, any stage.
The hospital cares for my neighbours, my friends, my family and me.
The hospital provides expert care in many different ways, so my dollars help people with cancer, diabetes, heart disease, lung disease, etc.
I can reduce my taxes by giving.

Take a moment and watch this video of a few of our supporters and their reasons to give.


child with nurseYour gifts allow doctors, nurses and technical staff to deliver outstanding health care to you, your family and generations to follow.

Funds raised with your help provide support to the Hospital to provide life saving and essential equipment to keep quality healthcare close to home. A capital requirements priority list for replacement, updated or new equipment is provided by the Hospital to the Foundation each year.

The government provides for operating costs of the hospital and thus, rarely funds equipment and facility improvements. Our Hospital teams rely on our giving community to raise 100% of annual equipment requirements.

In 2018, the fund raising needs of the Saugeen Memorial Hospital Foundation were just over $1,000,000

You may designate your donation to Southampton or Regional needs.

Thank you!

Please see the list below to see some of the donations which have helped to purchase items as noted below!

Create your own family legacy fund

Additional legacy gifts will increase future annual income. Leave your legacy to ensure care for generations to come.

Make your gift today to help us purchase the priority items below Thank you!  These items represent a few of the many, many items needed this year!


Replace Flooring

Request: $25,000
It may not sound too exciting, but we have some 50 year old flooring in a few of the upstairs offices that truly need to be replaced for safety reasons.  Help by making a donation to offset this cost! PURCHASED WITH FUNDS FROM LIGHT THE WAY 2016!


Patient Monitoring Equipment

Request: $38,387
Patient monitoring is essential in today's high tech medical world.  This year, the hospital needs a new BiPap machine that costs $28,000 plus other monitoring equipment! PURCHASED WITH FUNDS FROM LIGHT THE WAY 2016!





Beds, Mattresses & Stretchers

Request: $40,750
New beds, mattresses and stretchers mean a more comfortable stay or transportation for patients.  It makes such a difference if the patient feels comfortable in their bed!  This is essential and the hospital is replacing beds each year to bring every bed up to the highest standard! PURCHASED WITH FUNDS FROM LIGHT THE WAY 2016!


Patient Furniture

Patient Furniture & Chairs

Request: 14,441
New, ergonomically comfortable patient chairs and furniture help to ensure that patients have a better day in the hospital. PURCHASED WITH FUNDS FROM LIGHT THE WAY 2016!


Cardiac Monitor

Cardiac Monitoring Equipment

Request: $5,848
The Hospital is updating its cardiac monitoring equipment year after year.  This year, the amount dedicated for this is $5,848. PURCHASED WITH FUNDS FROM THE SAUGEEN MEMORIAL HOSPITAL AUXILIARY!