Shine your light on health care.
Give to your Local Hospital in Southampton!

We are Kelly O’Brien and Derek Acton, and we have the great honour of sharing our story to support our local hospitals in the Light The Way Campaign this year.  Local health care has become very important to our family.

Eighteen months ago, we brought our daughter to the Southampton ER as her flu like symptoms were getting worse. The wonderful staff in the Southampton ER were patient and kind to our scared little girl as blood work showed a tremendous infection in Sammy’s body.  A head CT scan lead to a life saving operation to relieve the pressure on her brain from the multiple abscesses discovered during the CT .

Over the next 3 months, 4 more lifesaving surgeries were required for Sammy, which left her needing a bilateral craniotomy (removing most her skull), during this time Sammy sustained 2 strokes. Last Fall Sammy had a bilateral cranioplasty which put her skull back together.

During this emotional roller coaster of a time for our family, the community of Saugeen Shores has offered their support and love to us in every way imaginable. We aren’t sure how we could have survived it without you.

Now it is your turn to help our local hospital. Please consider donating to the Light The Way campaign this year.

Yours truly,
Kelly O’Brien and Derek Acton