The Physicians and Nurses in the Emergency Department are saying a big thank you to everyone who helped raise funds in last year’s Gran Fondo Lake Huron, presented by Bruce Power. Fundraising dollars from that event helped to purchase this amazing portable ultrasound machine

The emergency department is the first line of healthcare in a crisis or trauma. Physicians and nurses working in the emergency department are tasked with establishing a diagnosis and stabilizing a patient’s condition under stressful and often time sensitive situations.
Portable ultrasound technology is the new age “visual stethoscope” of healthcare. This equipment is highly sensitive and uses non-invasive technology that allows healthcare staff to not only quickly assess but also detect any abnormalities in emergent situations and in every day care.
Having portable ultrasound technology in the emergency department can help reduce delays and ensure high quality real time imaging at the bedside, which can be crucial when the difference in minutes can mean saving a life.

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