Thanks to your donations and participation, we have improved Emergency Care in Saugeen Shores.

This past May our Spring Campaign in support of equipment needs for the Emergency Department was full of fun activities to get people just like yourself in our community out and having fun.

From the Guinness World Record attempt to build the longest line of cookies to our first ever Casino Night, there were so many smiles and out pouring of support. Casino night was so entertaining we have already had multiple requests to bring it back again next year!

A huge thank you to all of our Spring campaign sponsors, without the amazing support of local businesses these community activities wouldn’t take place.
Thank you to:
Southampton Foodland
Wark Milk Transport
Voortman Bakery
Shoreline Power Group
Judy Rich
Kristens’ Pharmacy
Wholesale Hardwood and Flooring

And many thanks to all of the wonderful volunteers who helped us put on these events and ensure the weekend was a success.

This spring, you can help improve Emergency Care
in Saugeen Shores

Dear Friend,
Would you like to help save lives this year in the Emergency Department in your community?
With this letter you can help provide life-saving care for infants born in the ER. This spring the Saugeen Memorial Hospital Foundation is working to raise funds to purchase an infant warmer and a CPR compression machine for the Emergency Department.

A new infant warmer for the Emergency Department will support the best start for babies born emergently at Saugeen Memorial Hospital and help keep newborns healthy after delivery.

Best practice in newborn care is for newborns to stay skin to skin with mom, and while we always strive to do this some babies require extra help or resuscitation after delivery. The new infant warmer will be a crucial piece of equipment for newborn care.
The infant warmer will combine advances in technology with innovative features to help deliver state of the art thermoregulation and monitoring to infants both after delivery and in other life-saving resuscitation.
The Emergency Department is one of the most crucial areas of our local hospital and is especially important in rural communities during critical situations like trauma or cardiac arrest.

Your donation will help improve emergency care in Saugeen Shores

Your gift will also help fund the purchase of a CPR Chest Compression machine for the ER. This device provides quality chest compressions normally done by manual CPR to maintain life-saving circulation when someone’s heart stops.

Given the limited number of staff in small rural hospitals, the CPR chest compression machine will help free up valuable hands so nurses and physicians can perform other life savings tasks such as starting IV’s, intubating, giving medications, and organizing transport.

As a small rural community hospital, having these two pieces of equipment will make a significant impact on the healthcare services we can provide. Your generosity will make a real difference in the lives of your friends and neighbours. Whether it’s a new mother and baby, local resident or someone visiting our beautiful community in need of emergency medical attention, your gift will help save lives in the Emergency Department this year.
My family and I are proud to call Saugeen Shores home and with your generous support we can continue to provide gold standard of care to our growing community.


Michael Pace MD CCFP(EM)
Emergency Department Chief
GBHS – Southampton Hospital



If you are having issues viewing the donation form below, you can donate securely at Donorperfect by  clicking here