Your Gifts At Work

The Saugeen Memorial Hospital Foundation couldn’t do the work that we do without the on-going support of Donors like you! The Foundation works year round to coordinate fundraising for much needed equipment and facility improvements to ensure we make your donor dollars work for you in your community. Thanks to your generosity we were able to fulfill much needed equipment purchases and facility improvements for 2021.

Patient Beds

In 2021 you helped to purchase 16 new patient bed mattresses and 2 new patient beds. Patient beds and mattresses are some of the most used pieces of equipment at the hospital. Beds are often filled just about every day of the year day and night so wear and tear takes its toll on these pieces. Thanks to your support we are able to help keep patients comfortable and safe during their stay.

GE Optima Portable X-ray Machine

Pictured here is Ashley Gingrich, Charge Technologist, Southampton. Here are her comments: “Our new Optima Portable X-ray Machine is optimal without a doubt! With its upgraded technology, the most amazing feature is we are able to see the image immediately after exposure. This is beneficial in many aspects, such as eliminating the need to return to the Medical Imaging Department to process our image before we know it is of high diagnostic standards. This is very important for isolation and trauma events. The Optima provides a lower dose exposure to patients with higher quality imaging. With its compact and light
dynamics, we are able to zoom around with ease.”

Vital Signs/Cardiac Monitors

During our Spring Campaign in 2021 donors successfully funded the purchase of 2 vital signs/cardiac monitors for the Emergency Department. These monitors are used to monitor a patient’s heart rate, rhythm and blood pressure and transmit this information directly to the nursing station so that staff can be alerted immediately if there is an problem. When it comes to heart related issues every moment counts. Heart related issues are one of the top reasons for ER visits. Thanks to people like you we are able to provide the equipment our doctors, nurses and technicians need to optimize patient care, comfort and safety.

CT Scanner Campaign

We began our 3 million dollar campaign to bring a computerized TOMography (CT) scanner to Saugeen Shores in 2021. More than 2 million dollars has been raised to Help Bring Tom To Town. In 2022, we believe the community will continue to respond so we can finish the job to ensure better quality healthcare right here in Saugeen Shores.