Dear Friend,
Now more than ever, we’re so grateful for the people and businesses in our community that have funded, volunteered, celebrated and advocated for the Saugeen Memorial Hospital Foundation through the years. Particularly this past year when everything seemed uncertain and fundraising was challenged, we found comfort and encouragement through the community’s continued support of our mission to raise funds to help equip your local hospital, and its staff, so they can continue to provide you and your family with high quality healthcare, right here where you live.

This need continues each year. Despite what’s happening in the world or impacting our community, we must continue to meet the rising demand on health services in our rapidly growing community. Our current G.E.M (Give Every Month) program has been slowly growing over the last few years, with 70 current members.

What kind of impact can 70 people have on your community?

Last year, our small group of GEM’s gave a little bit each month that added up to $30,000 over the course of the year.
That $30,000 helped purchase a new ultrasound machine for the hospital in Saugeen Shores which is used in the ER by physicians as well as for breast imaging, finding blood clots
and blockages, patient care visits for expectant moms and the diagnosis of many ailments including gallstones and kidney stones.
Studies have shown that participating in charitable giving makes you feel happy, less stressed, and more involved in your community.

Will you be part of the 1%?

There are 14,000 people living in our community. Imagine the incredible impact even just 1% (that’s 140 people) of our population could have if they gave a small amount each month to help keep their local hospital well equipped.

By making charitable giving a regular habit you can start a proactive practice of generosity. Regular giving is a way to act on your commitment to charity and helps to meet your giving goals.
Please consider becoming part of the 1% by becoming a monthly donor for as little as $10 a month to help fund the purchase of a new piece of diagnostic equipment that will impact the care we provide to the people in our community this year.

With sincere gratitude,
Tracy Murray
Saugeen Memorial Hospital Foundation