Our Current Needs

Equipment plays a critical role at Saugeen Memorial Hospital Foundation. It allows doctors, nurses and technical staff to offer the latest in tests and procedures to patients from across Saugeen Shores. A well-equipped Hospital also saves patients from having to travel to larger centers for medical care, and it helps us to recruit and keep doctors and other medical professionals local.

Listed below are just some of the current needs for 2022 Capital Requests we are in need of your support this year.

Bariatric Beds - $52,000

Patients get the space they need to feel comfortable and safe while the turn assist helps reduce staff injuries. Patient demand is increasing as Grey Bruce has a higher obesity rate than the Candian average. This purchase will also reduce the cost and need for rentals.

Microscope for the lab - $12,000

Microscope was purchased in 1979 and has some major concerns identified through the Preventive Maintenance Program.
The microscope is frequently used to review blood smears for abnormal cells and assist with diagnosis of disease including: leukemia, anemia, and acute infection.


Microtomes for the Lab - $40,000

Used to cut delicate pieces of tissue to place on slides for staining and pathology diagnosis. This is intricate work that is challenging with old equipment. This equipment has reached its end of life.

Physio Ultrasound Unit – $6,500

Patient Lift and Sling – $25,000

Nuts and Bolts

There is an entire array of various behind the scenes needs to help keep hospital equipment and systems up to date and functioning properly. From storing patient data, supporting IT networks, supplying ample data requirements for computer and equipment systems; it may not sound exciting, but without all these systems and technical equipment functioning in the background patient care would be compromised. Funding these needs means that our doctors, nurses, tehnicians and support staff continue to have timely access to patient data and can count on the multitude of computer networks and medical equipment technology to function appropriately while caring for patients.

Some examples of this type of equipment need include:

Corporate storage area network – $30,000

Expansion of backup data solutions – $10,000

Data Centre UPS battery replacement – $5,000

Upgrade intranet software – $13,000