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Your Donor Dollars at Work in 2020

The Saugeen Memorial Hospital Foundation couldn’t do the work that we do without the on-going support of Donors like you!
The Foundation works year round to coordinate fundraising for much needed equipment and facility improvements to ensure we make your donor dollars work for you in your community.

Thanks to your generosity we were able to fulfill much needed equipment purchases and facility improvements for 2020.


Surgical Carts

SMHF donors helped raise part of the $306,816 needed to purchase new surgical carts for our local and regional hospitals. Last year alone between both hospitals, over 10,000 surgeries were performed. Each surgery requires dozens of surgical instruments and sterilized equipment. These carts are loaded each day to transport the sterile equipment to the surgical suites. 


During the Christmas campaign in 2020, people just like you in our community, came together and made a donation toward the X-ray campaign. The 15 year old x-ray machine in Saugeen Shores needed to be replaced at a cost of $510,000. Donor support was overwhelming, with fundraising completed in the New Year.


Donors put their money where their heart is as $100,000 was raised to purchase 4 new defibrillators that were needed for the crash carts at the hospital.


Ipads were purchased so patients can connect with their familes during Covid lockdowns or when family members are unable to visit due to travel distance. Patients can facetime family members and stay connected during those times when in person visits aren’t possible.